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The Sales Transactions Type Entry Parameters define the information to enter and how that information is entered on Sales Transactions.

Qty Only - Display transactions with the quantity column only.

OnOrd/Ship - Display transactions with the Order and Shipped columns.

TotQ/TShip - Display transactions with the Original Order and Total Shipped columns.

List/MrkDn - Display transactions with the List Price and Mark Down columns.

Cost Profit - Display transactions with the Cost and Profit columns.

Displayed Cost - Options for the displayed cost when the Line Item display is set to Cost/Profit.

Default Mode - Defines the initial display mode.

OnOrd To Shipped - Defines when to update Order Qty if items ship.

OnOrd/Ship - Display Ship Totals - In Order/Ship mode, display SubTotal based on Quantities Shipped only.

Auto-Fill Shipped Qty On New Lines - Fills in the Shipped quantity automatically when creating new Sales Transactions.

Auto-Fill Shipped Qty On New Edit - Fills in the Shipped quantity automatically when editing an existing Sales Transaction.

Detail Box - Select display option for the Detail Box.

Disable Customer Display - Turns off output to the Customer Display hardware.

Customer History - Defines settings for the Customer History function.


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