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The Customer History Entry Parameter defines the settings for the Customer History function.

Customer History information may be setup and viewed for each Sales Transaction Type. The information is collected when entering a Sales Transaction and can also be viewed when editing a transaction. The settings do not affect the way the transaction data is stored, it only affects how it is looked up and displayed while entering a sale. In other words, these settings are similar to report settings and can be changed at any time without affecting the stored data.

The Customer History parameter settings include:

Start Date: The beginning date for which Customer History information should be collected for this transaction type. Start Date options include:

- Blank - Leave the Start Date blank to skip History information collection for this transaction type.

- 0 - Enter 0 to collect all history for this transaction type. This should only be used on transaction types stored in an Alternate Data File.

- Other - Enter the date on which to begin collecting information. Relative date entry codes such as -1Y for past year, -3W for past 3 weeks, 1.1 for Year-To-Date may be used. A single date such as 07/01/18 may be entered for all information since July 1, 2018.

Show on Customer History screen: When the Show On Customer History screen setting is enabled, the Enter Customer screen includes a Show History button. The Show History button is used to run the Show Customer History function and display a report on the screen. This works in conjunction with the Auto-Load Customer History parameter located in Sales Manager, Transaction Menu, Parameters, Entry.

Warn if Existing Transaction: When enabled and a Customer is entered on a transaction, a message is displayed stating that the Customer has an existing transaction of this type.

Load Customer Line Item History: When enabled, line item detail information is also loaded when the Customer History information is loaded. Enabling this setting causes the Customer History to take longer to load but is required if the line item history is to be displayed in the Transaction Detail box or if the warning message that the line item already exists on a previous transaction is to be displayed.

Warn if Item on Existing Transaction: When enabled, every time a line item (with the exception of items with the Service flag enabled) is entered on a Sales Transaction, Keystroke checks the already loaded Customer line item history information and displays a warning message if the item already exists on an a transaction of this type. Note: the Load Customer Line Item History setting must be enabled in order for this setting to work.


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