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Sales Manager - Customer Entry

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To select a Customer for a Sales Transaction:

Press [F8] to display the Enter Customer screen.

Enter any of the following:

- Customer Number
- Customer Code
- Customer Name
- Customer Phone
- Customer Email

Or, press [Ins] to display the Customer Lookup List.

Select the desired Customer from the Lookup List and press [Enter]. The Customer is selected for the Sales Transaction and if the Customer has Contacts, the Contacts Lookup List is displayed. To add a Contact, select the desired Contact and press [Enter]. The Contact is added to the Sales Transaction (to choose a different Contact, navigate to the Ship To: field and press [Ins] to display the Contact Lookup List again). If no Contact is desired, press [Esc] from the Contact Lookup List to bypass the Contact selection.

Note: After the Customer has been selected and is displayed on the Enter Customer screen the Transaction Navigation Hotkeys may be used: [Ctrl]+[PgUp]-go to previous transaction, [Ctrl]+[PgDown]-go to next transaction, [Ctrl]+[Home]-go to previous OnHold, and [Ctrl]+[End]-clear the current transaction.

After the Customer (and optional Contact) has been selected, select the Ok button or press [F10]. The Sales Transaction Item Entry screen is displayed showing the Customer's name in the Customer field.

To create a new Customer Database record:

- Press [Ins] from the Enter Customer screen.
- Press [Ins] again from the Customer Lookup List to display the new Customer record entry screen.
- Enter the required information.
- Press [F10] to save the new Customer record and return to the Enter Customer screen.

Note: To prevent Clerks from entering Sales Transactions without first selecting a valid Customer, set the Sales Transaction Security Level titled "Valid Customer NOT Required" to a number lower than the Clerks' Security Level.


Customer Entry - Simplified Entry Screen

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