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Sales Manager - Contact Entry

When a Customer is selected for a Sales Transaction, Keystroke displays information for the Customer's default Contact (if one exists).

The Contact record provides the Ship To: information for the Sales Transaction and may also override some of the information from the Customer record such as:

- Salesperson
- Price Table
- Tax Table
- Birthday
- Age
- Expiration Date
- Tax Number

If the Customer has at least one Contact but does not have a default Contact, Keystroke displays the Contact Lookup List for the Customer. A Contact may be selected from the list or [Esc] may be pressed to clear the Contact Lookup List in order to use the Customer record with no Contact.

If the Customer does not have any Contacts, Keystroke uses the information from main Customer record for the Contact.

If the Customer does have a default Contact but a different Contact is desired, navigate to the Ship To: field on the Enter Customer screen and press [Ins] to display Customer's Contact Lookup List (if the Customer has additional Contacts), or press [Ins] again to enter a new Contact record, if the Customer has no Contacts.


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