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Configuration Manager - Menus Settings - Sales Transaction Types - Parameters - Entry - Default Mode

The Default Mode Entry Parameter defines the default (initial) column display mode.

The choices are:

Qty Only - Display the quantity sold only.
OnOrder/QtyToShip - Displays quantities currently on order plus quantities now shipping.
TotQty/TotShipped - Displays quantities originally ordered plus quantities shipped.
List/Mark-Down - Displays List Price plus Mark-Down
Cost Profit - Displays Cost plus Profit

If display modes other than the Default Mode are enabled, those modes may be toggled for display by pressing [Shift]+[F9].

To select the default column display mode for a Transaction Type:

- Select Sales Transactions from the Configuration Manager Settings menu.
- Select the Transaction Type from the Transaction Type list.
- Press [Enter].
- Select Entry Parameters on the Sales Transaction Type Setup Screen.
- On the Entry Parameter screen, select Default Mode.
- Select the default display mode from the list.
- Press [Enter] or [F10].

Note: It is possible to select a display mode that is not currently enabled in the Available Qty Columns settings. If this is done, the default display mode is used when the Transaction Type is first displayed. If the display modes are then toggled by pressing [Shift]+[F9], the default display mode is not displayed again.


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