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The Available Qty Columns - Cost/Proft Entry Parameter displays transactions with the quantity, Cost, Profit Amount, Profit Percent, and Price columns. It does not display columns for Quantities Ordered, Quantities Shipped, or Mark-Down amounts. If the Qty Only, OnOrd/Ship, TotQ/TShip, and List/MrkDn modes are also enabled, those screen modes may be displayed by pressing [Shift]+[F9] which toggles the screen display between all enabled Available Qty Column modes.

Qty Column Mode Options

To enable the Cost/Proft transaction display mode:

- Select Transaction Type from the Configuration Manager's Settings menu.
- Select the Transaction Type from the pop-up list.
- Select Entry Parameters on the Transaction Type setup screen.
- on the Entry Parameter screen, select Cost/Proft in the Available Qty Columns box.
- Use the SpaceBar or the left mouse button to enable the Cost/Proft setting. When it is enabled, it is marked with an X.

- X = ON
- blank = OFF
- Switch ON and OFF using SpaceBar

Qty Column Heading

The text heading displayed for each Qty Column Mode may be changed by entering the new heading in the field next to the Qty Column Mode option. For the text heading to be centered over the Qty Column when displayed, ensure that it is centered when it is entered by adding the appropriate number of spaces on either side of the text.

To change the Qty column text heading for the transaction display mode:

- Select the text field to the right of the Qty Column Mode.
- Modify the text in the field, or enter new text.
- Ensure the text is centered.

Up to 15 alphanumeric characters.
Supports both UPPER and lower case.
Default: Profit, with three spaces before and six spaces after the text for centering.


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