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The Sales Transactions Type Save Parameters define what happens with a Sales Transaction when is is completed. Available Save Parameter options vary depending on the Convert When setting selected.

Convert When - Defines if and when to automatically convert to another Transaction Type.

Convert To - Defines the eligible Transaction Types to which conversion is allowed.

Prompt Before Converting - Prompts for confirmation before converting transaction.

Keep Number When Converted - Keep the Transaction Number when converting to another type.

Don't Save Shipped Qty - Do not save the Quantity Shipped.

Copy Shipped Items to New Sale - Create a new transaction for Shipped Quantities.

Print New Invoice - Print the Invoice after filling a Sales Order.

Delete Filled Line Items - Automatically delete filled line items on the original transaction.

Delete Completed Transaction - Automatically delete the original transaction when all line items are filled.

Archive To - Save a copy of the transaction for record-keeping.

Reload Line Items on Copy - Run the Reload Line Items function when a transaction is copied FROM from Sales Transaction Types that have this parameter enabled.

Reload Prices When Editing - Get current prices from the Inventory database when editing the transaction.

Reload Avg Cost When Editing - Get current costs from the Inventory database when editing the transaction.

Use Current Date For Sales Tax - Use the current date for calculating the sales tax.

Rev Trans - Tax On Orig Date - Use the date of the original transaction when reversing transactions.

Recalc Shipping When Editing - Recalculate shipping amount when editing the transaction.

Ignore Purge Immediately - Override Sales Payment Type Purge Immediately Parameter.

Manual Conversion To - Allow Manual conversion to other transaction types.


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