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Sales Manager - Menus - Customer

Entry - Displays the Enter Customer screen (or press [F8] from the Sales Transaction Item entry screen).

List - Displays the Customers Lookup List (or press [Ins] from the Enter Customer screen).

New - Add a new Customer record to the Customer database (or press [Ins] from the Customer Lookup List).

Show History - Displays a list of all the Customers that the current Clerk has the Security Level to View (even if they don't have the Security Level required to sell to them). Selecting a Customer from the list displays the Customer History Report in the Report Viewer window. The Customer list defaults to the Customer on the current Sales Transaction. However, the Show History function does not change the current Customer (or anything else) on the current Sales Transaction. Note: The Show History function may also be run via the macro: RunMenu=Customer-Show History.


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