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A Sales Order is a Sales Transaction Type used for items that are not currently in stock and not yet shipped to Customers.

The Sales Order screen has separate columns for Order and Ship quantities which is referred to as Order/Ship Mode. When in Order/Ship Mode:

- Keystroke creates a Sales Order for any items where the Order Quantity is greater than the Ship Quantity.
- A Sales Order includes only items that have not been shipped.
- Keystroke adds a matching letter to the Transaction Number of the Order and Invoice to indicate that some items from the transaction have shipped.
- An Invoice is created for any items with a Ship quantity that is not zero.
- An Invoice includes only items that have been shipped.

If all Order and Ship quantities are equal, Keystroke creates an Invoice only (a Sales Order does not need to be created).

If [Ctrl]+[I] (the default Hot Key combination) is pressed to switch to Invoice mode before proceeding to the Complete Sale box, Keystroke creates a Back Ordered Invoice.


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