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Sales Manager - Change the Transaction Number

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To change the transaction number for the current transaction, open the Number/Date screen by selecting Number/Date from the Transaction Menu or clicking the Number field at the top of the Sales Transaction screen. Enter the new number and select OK or press [F10]. Keystroke displays a message screen asking if it should change the number counter for future sales.

Answering Yes tells Keystroke to continue numbering new transactions consecutively beginning with the new number entered. All Sales Transaction Types that obtain their Next Number From the current transaction type are also affected by the new number.

Answering No tells Keystroke to change the transaction number for the current transaction only and does not change the number counter for subsequent transactions.

Note: Do NOT enter a number equal to or lower than any existing transaction number for any Transaction Type that will be affected by the change. Doing so may create duplicate transaction numbers (which Keystroke technically allows, but is not customary and can be confusing to manage).


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