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The Next Number From setting defines the Sales Transaction Type from which the transaction's Transaction Number is assigned.

Most common Sales Transaction Types are set to obtain their Transaction Number from the Sales Invoice Transaction Type since they are usually converted to Sales Invoices when the sale become final.

Less commonly used Sales Transaction Types, such as Quotes, are set to keep track of their own Transaction Numbers. By default they also have the Sales Transaction Type Save Parameter: Keep Number When Converted turned OFF.

To change the Next Number From setting, select Sales Transactions from the Configuration Manager Settings menu. Select a Transaction Type from the Transaction Type list and press [Enter] to open the settings screen. Use the Next Number From button to select the desired Sales Transaction Type from which the Next Number is to be assigned. Press [Enter] or [F10] to save.

The Default Next Number Settings:

Sales Invoice - Sales Invoice
Layaway - Sales Invoice
Sales Order - Sales Invoice
Quote - Quote
On Hold - Sales Invoice
Rental - Rental
Gift Registry - Gift Registry
Special Order - Special Order
Service Order - Service Order
Recurring Charge - Recurring Charge
Not used - Not used
Archives - Archives


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