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The Select Payment Type list is displayed when the Select New Payment option is chosen on the Payments Tendered box on the Sales Transaction Complete Sale screen.

The Sales Payment Types displayed by default are:

Cash- Standard cash payment.

Check- Payment by Check.

Visa/MC/Disc- Visa, Master Card, Discover credit cards.

American Express- American Express card.

ATM/Debit- ATM, debit cards.

On Account- In-store credit. Displays the available balance (Customer's Credit Limit less Amount Due) if it is less than the amount left to be tendered. Also in this case, the default payment amount will be the available balance. Note: If the Clerk has the Override Credit Limit security capability then the default amount of the Credit Type payments will be the amount left to be tendered even if that exceeds the Customer's Credit Limit (the amount available is still shown on the payment list).

Gift Card- Gift card.

EBT Cash Benefits- Electronic benefit transfer card for cash.

EBT Food Stamps- Electronic benefit transfer card for food stamps.

To customize any of the Sales Payment Types or to create new Sales Payment Types, select Sales Payment Types from the Configuration Manager, Tables menu.

If a payment type has a Maximum Amount that is less than the Sales Transaction total, the amount of the limit is displayed next to the Payment Name on the Select Payment Type list.

If a payment type with a Maximum Amount that is less than the Sales Transaction total (either due to Pay Code Formulas or a limit on the Sales Payment Type) is selected, Keystroke beeps and displays a notice stating what the limit is.

If a payment type has a Minimum Amount that is more than the amount that needs to be tendered by it, Keystroke displays a warning message and does allow that payment type to be selected.


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