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Sales Manager - Change the Quantity

When an item is entered on the sales transaction screen, Keystroke automatically sets the Quantity to the Inventory item's Sale Qty. The default Sale Qty is 1.

To change the Quantity, navigate to the Quantity field and enter a new value. Both negative and fractional quantities are valid. Enter fractional quantities in decimal form. Enter negative quantities for items being returned.

Example #1 - Increasing the Quantity:
- The item's Sale Qty is 1.
- The Quantity field on the Transaction is set to 1.
- To sell 10 units of the item, enter 10 in the Quantity field.
Note: The Enable Quantity * Item Sales Line Item Entry Parameter enables fast entry of multiples of the same item.

Example #2 - Entering a fractional quantity:
- If the item is a carton containing a dozen eggs and only six eggs (a half carton) are being sold.
- Enter .5 in the Quantity field.

Example #3 - Entering a negative quantity:
- A Customer is returning an item.
- Enter -1 in the Quantity field.


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