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Keystroke Loyalty is a built-in system and is available to all store licenses running the latest version of Keystroke. It has been created to reward customers for previous purchases and drive demand for future purchases

Keystroke Loyalty was created to meet the needs of most stores while keeping a system that is both easy to understand and use. It is based on "Points" where customers "Earn" points by making purchases and can then "Redeem" those points on future purchases.

Multiple Loyalty Rules can be created, can be organized by Points Buckets, and are always used concurrently (they are added together instead of one being used over the other). Points can be Earned and Redeemed based on either Dollars (total price) and/or Qty (number of items). The Dollars method is fairly simple and provides a way to reward a customer with a set dollar amount off a future purchase each time a threshold is met (e.g. "Spend $500 and receive $20 off next purchase"). The Qty based method is very similar to the Price Tables - BOGO Pricing formulas. This allows the Loyalty system to work the same as BOGO but across multiple transactions.

A Points button on the Customer Database record provides a "Show Loyalty Points" table view of customers' Earned, Redeemed, and Available Points, by Points Bucket. This same table may be viewed by selecting the Points Button (or pressing [Ctrl+F4]) while viewing the Customer Lookup List.

Sales receipts and invoices can be printed displaying Points Earned, Redeemed, and Available.

A Loyalty Reports option is available is under the Tables Menu and provides the ability to print (or save to file) all the Loyalty settings for Points Buckets and Points Codes. The customer Database report can be set to print Loyalty Points (similarly to the way Customer Alternate Codes may be printed).

See the Loyalty Quick Start Guide for an overview of the Loyalty configuration process.


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