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The Loyalty Points are stored in the Loyalty Points KSCSTLoy.DAT file that is connected to the Customer Database KSCST.DAT file. The data in the Loyalty Points file is directly related to each customer and is always stored in the same folder as the Customer Database file. In MultiStore environments, the Customer Database file must be shared in real-time if Loyalty Points are to be used between different stores.

The Loyalty Buckets file LoyBckts.DAT is used to organize and identify the Rules that work together and to track Points separately for different Rule sets (which can be grouped together using Loyalty Codes (Inventory).

Points are Earned only when a qualifying Sales Invoice Transaction Type is saved. However, Points can be Redeemed on nearly any Sales Transaction Type. The exception to this case is if the reward is to be Redeemed as a payment and the Sales Transaction Type does not support Sales Payments (such as in the default settings for Quotes). Points are tracked using whole numbers (no fractions or decimals). While it is possible to create a Loyalty Rule that equates to a fractional value, Points are always rounded to the nearest whole number when they are Earned or are Redeemed.


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