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When setting up Loyalty for the first time, a prompt is displayed to add a Loyalty Rule. Select the Yes button to proceed. Unless otherwise required, place the new rule in the * - Default Loyalty Points Bucket. Multiple Loyalty Rules may be added to the Default Loyalty Points Bucket, and this is the recommended method to set up Loyalty Rules. Use additional Loyalty Points Buckets only when it is required to organize multiple different types of Loyalty Rules. Although multiple Loyalty Rules may be created, the Points earned by them are always used concurrently (they are added together instead of one being used over the other).

Points can be Earned and Redeemed based on either the Dollar Based Method (total price) and/or the Quantity Based Method (number of items). The Dollar Based Method is a simple way to reward a customer with a defined dollar amount off a future purchase each time the Loyalty Rule's threshold is met (e.g. "Purchase $500 and receive $20 off next purchase"). The Quantity Based Method works similarly to the Price Tables - BOGO Price formulas. It effectively allows the Loyalty system to work the same as BOGO, but across multiple sales transactions over time.

Important Note: Loyalty Rules should not be changed or deleted once they have been used (other than for entering an End Date when needed). When creating a new Loyalty Rule the Start Date is automatically set to the current date. The Date Range is important because editing a transaction causes the earned Loyalty Points to be recalculated and if the available rules (based on the transaction's date) are not the same as when the transaction was first saved, the Loyalty Points stored on the customer's record may be unexpectedly changed and nearly impossible to reconcile. When an older Loyalty Rule's Earn parameters are changed (or a rule is deleted), a warning message is displayed and recommends the End Date be set accordingly. This message is displayed only once each time the Configuration Manager is used. When pasting copies of rules on the Loyalty Rules list, the Start Date for the new rule is set to the current date. When the first copy of the rule is pasted, the End Date on the rule it was copied from is set to last night if that rule's Start Date was prior to today.

The Loyalty Rules are stored in the LoyRules.DAT file. This file is not created (and therefore Loyalty functions are disabled) until a rule is entered. Since the Loyalty Program is based on customers, the default location for this file is the same as the Customer's Database file location (CustDir is the same as DataDir by default). However, if the CustDir is different from the DataDir and this file exists in the DataDir then the file in the DataDir is used (this allows individual stores to override the standard rules if needed).

While editing the Loyalty Rules list, rules can be copied or cut and then pasted. The Rules list can also be limited to display only rules that are valid on a particular date based on the Rule's Start and End Date fields (the default being today's date). Press [F9] to switch between all rules and current rules. Press [Ctrl+Home] to enter a particular date in the future (or the past).

Warning: If using multiple Loyalty Points Buckets, the "Include Current Transaction Items in Loyalty Total" parameter should be left OFF on Dollar Based rules. Enabling this parameter can cause conflicts if using multiple Loyalty Buckets/Rules when some Rules are Quantity Based and others are Dollar Based. If a reward is earned based on the Dollars of the current transaction and then an additional reward based on the Quantity is also earned, the Quantity Based reward can cause the Dollars earned to be reduced which could cause the dollar amount to drop below what was needed to earn the Dollar Based reward. In this case, since the reward was already earned, it will not be removed. The result can be that the customer's available Loyalty Points may become a negative number.

Note: Loyalty Rewards are intended to be used only with the Sales Invoice Transaction Type and do not work well with Sales Order types of transactions.

Note: Generic customers (e.g. Walk-In, Out of State, etc.) should have the Loyalty flag (on the Customer Database Main Screen) turned OFF.


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