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The Keystroke Loyalty program uses a rules and points based system to define and reward loyalty.

Loyalty Rules contain settings that are used to defined loyalty earning requirements and loyalty rewards redemptions using dollar-based or inventory item quantity-based points methods.

Loyalty Points Buckets are used to organize sets of Loyalty Rules.

Loyalty Codes (Inventory) are used to group inventory items together to be eligible for use with Loyalty Rules designed to work with only items belonging to the designated group(s).

In Summary:

The Loyalty setup is organized by Loyalty Buckets that contain Loyalty Rules which define and reward loyalty using a Points based system where Points are Earned based on dollar amounts or on inventory item quantities and then may be Redeemed using either dollar amounts or inventory items. Loyalty Codes may be assigned to inventory items to group them together for use with specific Loyalty Rules and Loyalty Buckets.

See the Loyalty Quick Start Guide to learn more about setting up Loyalty.


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