Keystroke Point of Sale Help

Function Keys

These commonly used key functions can be used in many parts of Keystroke:

[F1] - Keystroke Help Screens

[Shift]+[F1] - Help screens index

[Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Enter] - Check Keystroke's main window position

[Ins] or [F2] - Lookup List

[F3] - Edit

[F12] or [Shift]+[F3] - Query database records

[F4] - Change Clerk/Lock System

[Shift]+[F4] - Time Clock

[Ctrl]+[F4] - Edit scripts

[F5] - Calculator utility

[F6] - Calendar utility

[Shift]+[F6] - Today's date

[F7] - Open drawer/No Sale

[Shift]+[F7] - Paid Out

[Ctrl]+[F7] - Gift card entry

[F8] - Customer Entry

[F9] - Field mode

[F10] - Save/OK

[Alt] - Menu bar

[Enter] - Select/Verify

[Shift]+[Enter] - Comment box

[Tab] - Move right or down one field or column

[Shift]+[Tab] - Move left or up one field or column

[Spacebar] - Toggle field

Lookup List Function Keys are available in Lookup Lists:

[Enter] - Select highlighted item

[F3] - Edit selected database record

[Ins] - Add a new record

[Shift]+[F2] - Filter search mode

[Ctrl]+[F2] - Picture Viewer/Keystroke Info

[Shift]+[F5] - Quantity lookup

[Ctrl]+[F5] - Summary function

[Ctrl]+[F6] - View a Customer's list of Contacts from the Customer Lookup List

[Ctrl]+[PageUp] - Jump to previous transaction data file

[Ctrl]+[PageDown] - Jump to next transaction data file

[Ctrl]+[Home] - Jump to specific transaction data file

To use the Lookup List Quick Search, enter the first several characters of the record to locate.
The highlight bar will automatically move to the best matching record in the Lookup List.

These special Transaction Entry Function Keys are available only when entering transactions (Invoices, Quotes, Purchase Orders, etc.):

[F8] - Enter a customer on the transaction

[Shift]+[F8] - Enter a Credit Memo

[Ctrl]+[F7] - Case/Each Ordering

[Ctrl]+[F8] - Toggle Customer Entry Screen Type

[Shift]+[F9] - Toggle Invoice and Order/Ship display mode

[F9] - Toggle item entry mode

[Shift]+[F10] - Quick Save a transaction

[Ctrl]+[Home] - Quick Load a transaction

[Shift]+[Enter] - Transaction Comments

[Ctrl]+[Enter] - Insert a line item

[Ctrl]+[Backspace] - Delete a line item

[Ctrl]+[End] - Clear Sale

These Database Function Keys are available in the Database Manager:

[Ins] or [F2] - Inventory Main Screen - Percent Profit

[Shift]+[F2] - Continue Search

[Ctrl]+[F2] - Picture Viewer/Keystroke Info

[F3] - Edit record selected from the Lookup List

[F8] - Field Merge

[Shift]+[F8] - Record Merge

[Ctrl]+[PageUp] - Move to First Record

[Ctrl]+[PageDow] - Move to Last Record

[Ctrl]+[Home] - Jump to First Field

[Ctrl]+[End] - Jump to Last Field

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