Keystroke Point of Sale Help

[F8] - Field Merge

Copy data from the last record edited to the current field.

The Field Merge function copies data from one field on a previous record to the same field on the current record. It works virtually the same as Window's Copy & Paste except that Keystroke remembers every field on the previous record so there is no need to return to the previous record to copy other fields.

To use Field Merge:

Navigate to the record from which the data will be copied.

Navigate to the record to which the data will be copied.

Select the field to which the data will be copied.

Press [F8] or select Field Merge from the Record menu. Keystroke will copy the data from the corresponding field in the previous record to the selected field in the current record.
To copy data to another field, select that field and press [F8] or use Field Merge again.

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