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Utilities Menu - Change Clerk / [F4]

Access the Change Clerk Utility by pressing [F4] from anywhere in Keystroke or by selecting Change Clerk from the Utilities menu.

The Change Clerk Utility displays the Login screen and prompts to Enter Clerk Number. Keystroke remains locked until a Clerk logs in.

After selecting the Change Clerk Utility, the user must login with a valid Clerk Number and Password (the [Esc] key cannot be used to cancel the login function).

If the Clerk's Password is entered incorrectly more times than the number set in the Passwords/Max Attempts parameter, Keystroke disables the Clerk's Password, thereby disabling their login.

The Clerk's Password must be re-entered in the Clerk Database by another Clerk with the appropriate security level (typically a Manager).

If the Clerk's Password cannot be re-entered, another Clerk with a valid password and appropriate security level may login to proceed where the disabled Clerk left off.

If the new Clerk does not have the required Security Level, the Main Menu is displayed and a different function may be selected or [F4] may be pressed to login a Clerk with the appropriate Security Level.

If the Clerk does not have the required Security Level to proceed where the disabled Clerk left off, Keystroke displays an Access Denied message.


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