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[Ctrl]+[F7] - Gift Card Entry - General Info

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The Gift Card Setup is found in Configuration Manager under the Tables menu. It can be used to enter parameters for accepting gift cards in Sales Manager. Currently, Gift Cards can be processed through Vantiv or Cayan and are processed using the Keystroke Payment Module (KeyPay).

Keystroke can trigger the Gift Card Entry Box when either a line item is entered on a transaction or when a payment type is selected. The Gift Card Entry Box can also be enabled in Sales Manager by pressing [Ctrl]+[F7].

In most cases, at least two (2) Gift Card Types are set up that will be triggered differently when entering Line Items or Payment Types. Typically, when a Gift Card is Issued or Reloaded (value added), Keystroke will automatically display the Gift Card Entry Box when a line item is entered. When a Gift Card is Redeemed (value subtracted), typically the Gift Card Entry Box is triggered when a payment type is selected.

Keystroke will report the Gift Card as either a Payment Type or Line Item. Gift Card reporting is not the same as Gift Card triggering.

Keystroke can print the following information on invoices and receipts:

Masked Gift Card Number
Gift Card Amount
Gift Card Balance
Gift Card Approval Code


Save As: Payment Type vs. Line Items for suggestions and implications on how to use Gift Cards in Keystroke.
Gift Card Tokens for information on printing this information on invoices and receipts.
Gift Card Setup for information on setting up Gift Cards in Configuration Manager.
Gift Card Entry for more information on entering the Gift Card and selecting the required action in Sales Manager.

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