Keystroke Point of Sale Help

[Ctrl]+[PageDown] - Jump To Next Transaction Data File

Navigation between Transaction Data Files

Use the Transaction menu's Edit/Print function to:

- Edit and Review transactions.

- Add payments to a transaction that has not been fully tendered (Layaways).

- Convert transactions to other types (On Holds, Quotes, Sales Orders, etc).

- Print records of existing transactions.

To edit a transaction:

- Select Edit/Print from the Sales Manager's Transaction menu. The list of Transaction Types will appear.

- Select a Transaction Type from the list. The Sort By list will appear.

- Select the order in which you want the transactions to be sorted. You will see a list of transactions. They will be listed in the sort order that you selected.

- Select a transaction from the list. It will appear in the transaction screen with the word EDIT in the lower right-hand corner followed by the name of the Transaction Type. If you edit a Layaway, for example, it will say EDIT Layaway.

When you edit a transaction, its behavior will be determined in part by the Transaction Type's Save Parameters.

NOTE: To find a transaction outside of the current Date Range, you may need to search other transaction files. The Date Range is displayed at the top of the Lookup List.

Use [Ctrl]+[PageUp] for the previous file.

Use [Ctrl]+[PageDown] for the next file.

Use [Ctrl]+[Home} to jump directly to a file by date. Enter a date on the File Date screen.

Press [Esc].

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