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Utilities Menu - Time Clock / [Shift]+[F4]

Access the Time Clock Utility by pressing [Shift]+[F4] from anywhere in Keystroke or select Time Clock from the Utilities menu to access the Time Clock in order to clock the selected Clerk In or Out and create a Time Clock entry in the transaction file.

Enter the number of the Clerk to Clock In or Out or press [Ins] to display the Clerk Lookup List, select a Clerk, and press [Enter].

Enter the Clerk Password.

If the Clerk is currently Clocked Out, Time Clock prompts to Clock In when Logging In.

Time Clock In and Out entries appear on the Time Clock report.

To Edit, Add, or Delete Time Clock entries, navigate to the Edit Time Clock function in the Database Manager Special Menu.

Each Time Clock entry may have a Comment. Press [Shift]+[Enter] from the Clock IN or Clock OUT screen to enter a Comment.


Time Clock - Clock IN Screen

Time Clock - Clock OUT Screen

Time Clock - Logging In and Clocking In

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