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[Ctrl]+[F7] - Case/Each Ordering (Advanced POS only)

Video Screenshot

The Case/Each Ordering function (available only with Keystroke Advanced licenses) is used to enter an item on a Purchase Transaction that is ordered by the case (Order Multiplier is not 1). Pressing [Ctrl]+[F7] while on a line item displays the Case/Each Ordering screen that shows the Qty and Cost of using both the Case (with its Order Multiplier) and the Each (based on the Sale Unit with an Order Multiplier of 1) for the item. When the [Ok] button is selected, the line items on the Purchase Transaction are adjusted based on the entries. The result is either a single Case line item, a single Each line item, or two line items (one for the Case and one for the Each).

Note: The Case/Each function does not work with items that have a Parent (nor is it able to use the Child items as the each items). Items with a parent/child relationship should always be ordered using the Parent item and then add an additional line item for the child if any single items are being ordered.

The Purchase Transaction Entry Mode may be changed by pressing [Shift]+[F9] switch between Order Only, OnOrdr/Recvd, and TotOrd/TotRcvd modes (as long as the Transaction Type and Clerk Security Level support them).

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