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The Purchasing Module (commonly referred to as the Purchase Manager) is used to enter Purchase transactions. Purchase transactions can be completed quickly and easily.

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There are four basic steps to entering and completing a Purchase transaction.

1. Select a Transaction Type.
2. Select a Vendor.
3. Enter line items and quantities.
4. Complete the transaction.

The Purchase Order is the standard/default Purchase Transaction Type. Other available Purchase Transaction Types can be selected from the Special/Transaction Types text menu or by using the appropriate Hot Key. The fields and settings on the transaction entry screen will vary depending on the type of transaction in use.

The Cash Vendor is the standard/default Vendor. To add a Vendor to a purchase transaction, use the Select Vendor button (or press the [F8] key) to open the Enter Vendor window.

The fastest way to enter an item on the Purchase screen is to scan the item's barcode or enter the item's number. To look up an item from the Inventory database, use the Lookup list button (or press the [Ins] key) to open the Inventory Lookup List.

To quickly complete the Purchase transaction, press the [F10] key to display the Complete Purchase Transaction screen (from which an optional payment type may be selected). Select the OK button or press [F10] to display the Print Buttons. Select the Save button to save the transaction without printing it.

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