Keystroke Point of Sale Help

[Shift]+[Enter] - Transaction Comments

To enter a Line Item Comment, select the appropriate line, press [Shift]+[Enter], and enter the comment text.

To enter a Transaction Comment, navigate to the Complete Sale or Complete Purchase Transaction screen, press [Shift]+[Enter], and enter the comment text.

Press [F10] to save the comment or press [Esc] to cancel.

Each of the following has its own Comment field:

- Transaction

- Line item

- Customer record

- Vendor record

- Inventory Item record

The Comment flag will appear in the lower left corner of the screen when there is a comment.

To prevent Clerks from adding/editing Line Item Comments, set the Enter/Edit Line Item Comments Security Level for the appropriate Transaction Type.

Transaction and Line Item Comments do not affect Inventory record Comments. To enter or change an Inventory item Comment, edit the Inventory item's database record.

The Customer Comment can be viewed on the Sales Transaction Enter Customer for Transaction screen or on the Customer database record.

The Vendor Comment can be viewed on the Purchase Transaction Enter Vendor screen or on the Vendor database record.

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