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[Shift]+[F2] - Search Filter

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Search for records using a filter in Lookup Lists.

Keystroke will find all records that contain the text that is entered in the selected field.

Field - Select a field from the list.
Contains - Enter the text to search for.

Click on Field to select a search field from the list. Enter the search text. Select Ok.

To search using Equals (instead of the default Contains) use an equal sign (=) at the beginning of the search text (e.g. "=BOX"). To search using Starts With use an asterisk (*) at the end of the search text (e.g. "BOX*"). Both Equals and Starts With can be combined with Not by adding an exclamation point (!) to the very beginning of the search text (e.g. "!=BOX" or "!BOX*"). Note: special search cases like this do not work with Comment fields nor if the Whole Word Only parameter is enabled.

Keystroke lists all of the records that include the search text in that field.

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