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[Ctrl]+[F4] - Script Editor

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The Script Editor is used to set up customized procedures called Scripts. Scripts run automatically when a Clerk enters a line item that has a Script.

The different types of Scripts include:

Reminder Message
Prompt for Comment
Tag-along Item
Add Item from List
Add Item from Range
Add Item from Ranged List
Run Script from Item
Select Comments from Item
Dimensional Calculator
Keyboard Macro
Dataport Script

While on an inventory item, press [Ctrl]+[F4].

Select the number of beeps to be heard when the item is entered on a sales or purchase transaction. The Use Matrix Code parameter appears if a matrix item is selected. In the Scripts box, press [Ins] to add a new Script or highlight an existing Script and press [Enter] to edit it.


Transaction Starting/Ending Script

Setting Up Scripts

Scripts - Contents

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