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Transaction Starting/Ending Scripts

The Starting and Ending Scripts are available in Sales Manager and in Purchase Manager.

The Starting Script is triggered immediately after the Customer or Vendor has been entered. If the Enter Customer First or Enter Vendor First parameter is not used, the Starting Script is triggered immediately when entering Sales Manager or Purchase Manager.

The Ending Script is triggered when entering the Complete Transaction screen (when [F10] or [Enter] is selected after the last line item has been entered).

Setup screens for the Starting and Ending Scripts are located in Sales Manager Entry Parameters and in Purchase Manager Entry Parameters.

The Starting Script is assigned to Stock Number -2.
The Ending Script is assigned to Stock Number -1.

Example of an Ending Script:
Create a Script to take $25.00 off Sales Transactions when the Subtotal is $300.00 or more. Use the Tag-along Script Type to add an Inventory Item with Base Price=-$25.00 (and enable the item's Service flag). Enable both the Run Once Per Trans and the Not on Edit Trans Script parameters. Set the Use On parameter if the Script needs to be restricted by Sales Transaction Type. Use the Advanced Restrictions Filter (requires a Keystroke Advanced license) for Sales Invoice, Subtotal, greater or equal to 300 ([STH:SubTotal]>+300).

Note: If the Starting or Ending Script includes Prompt for Comment, and if the Script does not add a line before the Prompt for Comment, the Comment will be attached to the Transaction itself and not to any line item.


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