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The Purchase Entry Parameters define how Purchase Transactions are entered.

Vendor Field - Defines the default Vendor Entry field.
Prompt For Number/Date - Require confirmation of current Transaction Number, Date & Time at beginning of every new transaction.
Enter Vendor First - Begin every Purchase Transaction with the Enter Vendor screen.
Pop-up Vendor Note - Automatically display the Vendor Note when a Vendor is added to a Purchase Transaction.
Order $ Discount To Invoice - Automatically apply the entire Discount amount to the first Invoice and remove it from the Order.
Start on First Line when Editing - Display the cursor on the first line item when loading an existing Purchase Transactions.
Start Transaction List In Quick View - Display the Transaction List in Quick View mode.
Shipping Tax Code - Defines the default Tax Code for taxable shipping.
Non-Inventory Item Script - Setup Non-Inventory Item Scripts.
Starting Script - Setup Purchase Transaction Starting Scripts.
Ending Script - Setup Purchase Transaction Ending Scripts.

Complete Purchase Transaction screen Entry Parameters:
- When enabled, the cursor automatically navigates to the field.
- When disabled, the cursor skips the field.

Invoice Number - Navigate to the Invoice Number field automatically.
Store Number - Navigate to the Store Number field automatically (for use with MultiStore).
Discount - Navigate to the Discount field automatically.
Shipping - Navigate to the Shipping field automatically.
Select Payment - Navigate to the Purchase Payments list automatically.
Confirm Totals - Navigate to the OK button automatically.
Require Payment - Orders not fully tendered are saved as Reserved Orders.
Print New Invoice - Automatically load Invoices created from Orders and display Print Button options.


Purchase Manager - Parameters

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