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Variance - Contents

Using Variance

Variance Menus

Variance Menu

Reports Menu

Special Menu

Exit/Main Menu

Utilities Menu

Help Menu

Auto Fill


Confirm Physical Qty

Confirm Variance Qty



Delete Variance

Description - Item

Description - Variance

Disable Serial Numbers

Displayed Variance Report

Edit Date/Session ID

Edit Variance

Entering Variances

Entry Field

Entry Line - Merge Same Items

History Variance Report

Import File

Include Qty Allocated in QOH

Include Qty on Layaway in QOH

Item Comment

Matrix/Inventory QOH Check


Physical Qty

Post Items w/ 0 Variance


Posting Auto Filled Items with Blank Physical Quantities


Recall Variance

Register Number

Reports Menu

Save/Post/Clear Options


Saving More Than One Un-Posted Variance

Sort Line Items

Special Menu

Total Cost

Transactions Variance Report

Use Last Cost

Variance Menu

Variance Menus

Variance Qty

Variance Comment

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