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The Date/SessionID function is used to select a SessionID Number (displayed in the Register field) and date/time for the current Variance transaction.

When first entering the variance module, Keystroke prompts to confirm the SessionID Number to be used (default is the current register number). This number determines the name of the file (VAR#.DAT - where # is the SessionID Number) used to load the current saved UnPosted Variance (if there is one) as well as to save the UnPosted Variance when the Save button is used.

Use the Date/SessionID function to save multiple UnPosted Variances on a single machine. Each SessionID Number may have one UnPosted Variance. When the SessionID Number is changed, Keystroke prompts to save the current UnPosted Variance, checks to make sure the new Session ID Number is not currently in use, and then loads the UnPosted Variance for the new SessionID (if one exists) or opens a new Variance screen for a new Variance to be created.

Posted Variances are saved with the SessionID and Date on which they were first Posted. Manually changing either creates a copy of the Posted Variance.

Note: Changing SessionID Number does not change the Register settings for any other Keystroke functions.


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