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The Import File function is used to import Inventory item counts from a file into the current Variance.

To use Import File, select it from the Special Menu to display the File to Import screen. Enter the location of the file and press [F10] or select the [Ok] button to import the item count data.

Typically, the item count data would come from a portable data collector. The data must be in a text file in Comma (or Quote/Comma) delimited format. Each line in the file should represent a single Inventory item.

A line can consist of either:

- Two (2) fields, separated by a comma: Item, Quantity. For example: 138,20 would represent item #138, quantity of 20.

- One (1) field which identifies the item. For example: 138 would represent item #138, with a default quantity of 1.

- Four (4) fields, separated by a comma: Item, Quantity, [blank field], Variance Line Comment.
For example: 138,20,,counted in both storage room and in aisle #3
would represent item #138, with a default quantity of 1, and the Line Item Comment "counted in both storage room and in aisle #3". Note: in most cases a blank field number 3 needs to be included because while that field is currently not used, it is reserved for future use. The comment is used to track Serial Numbers. To include serial numbers in the import, make sure each serial number is preceded by the Serial Number Prefix (as defined in the Configuration Manager). Multiple serial numbers must be separated by the pipe character ("|") and each must include the Serial Number Prefix.

Note: The Import File function identifies the item using the Entry Field Variance Parameter.

Data collectors that work well with Keystroke include:

- Metrologic ScanPal 2
- PCS Falcon PT40
- Percon PT2000 (older unit)


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