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The Delete function is used to deleted posted Variances.

To use the Delete function select Delete from the Variance menu. Select UnPosted or Posted.

If Posted is selected the Variance Lookup screen is displayed.

- A range of dates (MM/DD/YY through MM/DD/YY) is displayed at the top of the lookup screen.

- All posted Variances within that date range are displayed on the screen.

- Use the [Next File] button or [Previous File] button to to display Variances in other date ranges.

- Select a Variance from the screen and press [Enter] to delete it and adjust Inventory levels for items on the deleted Variance.

- Deleted Variances may be Recalled if necessary. If a deleted Variance is recalled, Inventory levels are re- adjusted.

If UnPosted is selected a confirmation screen is displayed: This will completely erase all the current UnPosted Variance. Are you sure you want to do this?

- Select [Ok] to delete the current UnPosted Variance.

- Select [Cancel] to continue working.


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