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The Auto Fill function is used to add items to the Variance screen through the use of the Search function.

To use Auto Fill, select it from the Special Menu or press [Shift]+[F8] to display the Search screen. Enter the Search criteria in the appropriate fields. Search Operators may be used with the search criteria. Search criteria may be entered in as many fields as necessary. Press [F9] to toggle between all the Inventory database screens.

Press [F10] to begin the Search to locate records which match the Search criteria. Records are searched in the order of the current Variance Entry field. When the Auto Fill search has completed, a screen is displayed showing the number of items located. Press [Enter] or select the [Ok] button to automatically add the items to the current Variance screen. The QOH field for each item is populated and the other columns are left blank until the number of items counted is entered in the Phys column, at which point the Variance Quantity (Var), Cost and Total fields are populated.


To select all Book Department items with a Description starting with the letter N:

- Enter N* in the Description field.
- Enter BOOK in the Department field.
- Leave all the other fields blank.
- Press [F10] or [PageDown] to begin the Auto Fill Search.

To select all active Matrix items:

- Enter >. in the Matrix Table.
- Leave all the other fields blank.
- Press [F10] or [PageDown] to begin the Auto Fill Search.


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