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When the Auto Fill function is used to enter items on a Variance, the Physical Quantity column is left blank by default.

When the Variance is Posted, the Un- Confirmed Line Items screen is displayed: "Warning: # items on this variance have not been confirmed (Phys Qty is Blank). Select what the program should do with these blank (not counted) items:". The available options include:

Remove - Line items will be removed. (Recommended for partial counts)

Set to 0 (zero) - Items that were not counted don't exist. (Full counts - sets QOH to 0)

Leave Blank - Items are not changed. (QOH snapshots)

Cancel - Don't Post. (Go back to Variance screen)

Note: The Set to 0 option is recommended only if the entire store, or an entire department or category are being counted. If Auto-Fill was used to populate the Variance screen with every item in Inventory Database, and only a few items are counted, this option sets all the uncounted items to 0. The posted variance may be deleted to correct the error, but the adjustments made to counted items are reversed too.


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