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Purchase Manager - Line Items - Entering

Items may be added to a Purchase Transaction when the cursor is in the Description column on the Item Entry screen.

The easiest and fastest way to add an item is to scan its barcode.

Items may also by entering by manually typing in any of the following information:
- Description
- Product Code
- Stock Number
- Class
- Manufacturer
- AltID#

Press [F9] to switch between Entry Modes.

When the item information is entered, Keystroke looks up the item's Vendor's Part Number, either the Vendor's Cost or the item's Last Cost, and the Order Quantity and Multiplier from the item's Inventory database record and adds the item to the Purchase Transaction.

If Keystroke cannot locate an item in the Inventory database, it displays the message, "Item Not Found! Add item to Database? [Yes] [No] [Cancel]". Note: The only exception to this rule applies when entering items by typing their Description into the Description field. If the Description Check Line Item Entry Parameter is disabled, Keystroke allows non-Inventory items to be entered without displaying the "Item Not Found!..." message.

If the Item Not Found message is displayed, options include:

Video Screenshot

- Select [Cancel] or press [Esc], then press [Ins] to display the Item Lookup List to help locate the item. If the item cannot be located, add the item to the Inventory database by pressing [Ins] while displaying the Item Lookup List.
- Select [Yes] to immediately add the item to the Inventory database.
- NOT RECOMMENDED - Select [No] to continue adding a non-Inventory item to the Item Entry screen.

Note: Use [Ctrl]+[Enter] to inset a new line item in between existing line items on the Item Entry screen. Use [Ctrl]+[Backspace] to remove line items from the Item Entry screen.


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