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Purchase Manager - Serial Numbers

If the Serialized field on an Inventory Item's record is enabled, every unit of that item requires a Serial Number.

New Serial Numbers

When Serialized items are received on Purchase Transactions, the Enter New Serial Numbers screen is displayed. Enter each Serial Number on its own line pressing [Enter] after entering each one so that each Serial Number appears on a separate numbered line. When the last Serial Number has been entered, the Enter New Serial Numbers screen automatically closes.

The Serial Numbers already entered may be viewed in the line item's Comment field.

When the Purchase Transaction is saved, the Serial Numbers are added to the Inventory item's Serial Numbers list.

Select Serial Numbers

If using Purchase Manager to remove items from Inventory by entering negative quantities in order to return items to Vendors or if decreasing the number of received items on a Purchase Transaction, the Serial Numbers list is displayed.

- Select the Serial Number of each item being removed from Inventory.
- Press [Enter] after each Serial Number selected.
- The Serial Number is removed from the list.
- When the Serial Number for each item being removed from Inventory is removed from the list, the list automatically closes.


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