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Database Manager - Menus - Special Menu - Till Assignments and Multiple Cash Drawers

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The Till Assignments function is used to assign Tills to Clerks and by Drawer.

To use multiple cash drawers with Keystroke:

- Verify each instance of Keystroke has a unique Machine Number assigned to it (using the MNUM=RNUM Startup Switch).

- Verify the Enable Till Tracking parameter is enabled (Configuration Manager-Settings- Parameters).

- Use the Hardware-Cash Drawer function to set up the Drawer Numbers for each machine.

- Use the Till Assignments function in the Database Manager - Special Menu to manage Clerks/Tills.

- To log onto Keystroke, a Clerk must be assigned to the same Till as the Machine, with the following exceptions:

A Clerk assigned to Till 0 may log onto any Machine.
A Machine that is not on the Till Assignments by Drawer list allows any Clerk to log on.
A Machine that is assigned to Drawer 0 allows any Clerk to log on (keeps original Till Number).
A Machine that is assigned to Drawer 9999 allows any Clerk (except those with a negative Till Number) to log on (changes to Clerk's Till Number).


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