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Each Machine is a separate computer, workstation, or instance of Keystroke running (even on a single workstation). Machine Number is used to assign a Drawer to a workstation, so each workstation must be assigned a unique Machine Number. Keystroke allows only one workstation (or instance) per Machine Number to run at any given time.

Machine Number must always be specified when creating new Cash Drawer settings, even if Till Tracking is disabled.

Unique Machine Numbers are managed by using the Keystroke MNUM=RNUM Startup Switch which assigns each computer's Machine Number based on and equal to its Register Number and requires the use of the /R Startup Switch. The following command line example assigns Machine Number 5 to the computer:

Keystroke.exe /R5 MNUM=RNUM.

Note: Since each computer is required to have a unique Machine Number requiring the use of the MNUM=RNUM Startup Switch, the switch must be used on all computer command lines in conjunction with the /R Startup Switch to assign the unique Register Number and therefore unique Machine Number for every computer.


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