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Assigning a different Till to each Clerk provides the ability to easily track Drawer amounts and Closeouts by Clerk.

Several steps are required to set this up. A unique Machine Number must be assigned to each computer running Keystroke on the network. Machine Numbers are assigned by the MNUM=RNUM Startup Switch. A Machine number and a Till Number are assigned to each Drawer in the Configuration Manager - Cash Drawer settings. Till Numbers are assigned to Clerks in the Database Manager - Till Assignments To Clerks settings. A Clerk may log on to a Machine that has been assigned the same Till Number as the Till Number assigned to the Clerk (but not on to a Machine with a different Till number). Till Numbers for Clerks and for Drawers may be reassigned using the Database Manager Till Assignments function. After this set up is completed Clerks may quickly move from one Machine to another without losing track of their Till.

This type of dynamic Till assignment can be useful for stores in which the Machines (including the physical cash drawers) are in fixed locations but Clerks may be assigned to different Machines while maintaining responsibility for their Till (typically a cash tray) which can be physically moved from one Machine to another.

When a Clerk attempts to log on to a Machine, Keystroke checks to see if the Clerk's Till Number matches the Till Number currently assigned to the Machine. If the Till Numbers match, the Clerk is allowed to log on and set the Machine's Register Number to their Clerk Till Number. If the Till Numbers do not match, the Clerk is not allow to log on.

There are some exceptions to the matching Till Numbers rule:

- Clerks assigned Till Number 0 are able to log on to any Machine without resetting the Machine's Register Number. Supervisors or Managers are typically assigned Till Number 0.

- Clerks assigned any Till Number may log on to a Machine assigned Drawer Number 0 (or a Machine not shown in the Cash Drawer setup list) without resetting the Machine's Register Number.

- Clerks assigned any Till Number may log on to a Machine assigned Drawer Number 9999 but the Machine's Register Number is reset to the Clerk's Till number.

When entering the Closeout function, the Clerk is prompted to enter a Register Number. To closeout a specific Till, enter the Till Number in the Register Number field. When the Clerk exits the Closeout function the current Register Number is still set to the Clerks original Till Number (and has not been reset to the Till Number for which the Closeout was run).

Sales Reports for individual Tills may be run by entering the Till Number in the RegNum Filter condition.


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