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A Till is a cash drawer tray (along with its contents). When Till Tracking is enabled, each Clerk is assigned a Till Number. Each Clerk does not necessarily need a unique Till Number and the same Till Number can be assigned to multiple Clerks. If not specified, a Clerk's Till Number is set to zero (0) allowing the Clerk to log on to any Machine.

A Clerk may log onto a Machine if one of the Machine's Drawers has been assigned the same Till Number as the Clerk's assigned Till Number or if the Drawer Number is set to Drawer Number 0 or Drawer Number 9999 (which are available to all Tills).

To limit a Clerk's access to only certain Machines, assign the Clerk a Till Number greater than 0. A Clerk assigned to a Till Number greater than 0 may to log on to a Machine only if one of the Machine's Drawers has a Till Number that matches the Clerk's Till Number.

If a Clerk's Security Level allows it, a Clerk may change Till Numbers at any time by Clocking IN or by using the Till Assignments - To Clerks function in the Database Manager Special Menu and then logging OUT and back IN again. Security Levels for the Assign Till To Clerk function can be set separately from the Enter Till Number On Clock In function allowing Clerks to change their own Till Number without giving them access to other Clerks' Till Assignments.

Cash Drawers may be assigned Till Numbers from two different locations in Keystroke: the Cash Drawer setup in the Hardware menu in Configuration Manager and the Till Assignments by Drawer setup in the Special menu in Database Manager. Entering a Till Number in either location assigns that Till Number to the Machine/Drawer combination. The Till Number currently in use may be checked at any time by pressing [Shift]+[F12] to display the Keystroke Status screen - the Till Number information is stored in the Register field.


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