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Typically a Drawer is a physical cash drawer connected to the system by its Cash Drawer settings that include the Port setting to define the physical port by which the cash drawer is connected to the system and the Open Codes setting to automatically open the cash drawer when it needs to be opened. Cash Drawer settings are also used to control each Machine/Drawer/Till combination.

Usually these two functions go hand-in-hand. However, a Drawer may also be configured with Machine/Drawer/Till Number settings but no Port or other physical cash drawer settings. Since the Till Number for each transaction is recorded and the Closeout function can close out each Till separately, setting up a separate Till Number to track specific functions that do not require a physical cash drawer may be helpful (such as for entering Accounts Receivable adjustments). Individual Tills may be closed out by entering their Till Number in the Register Number field on the initial Closeout Date/Time Range screen. Closeout reports for individual Tills may be run by selecting the Reg#(Till) report Filter and entering the Till Number as the Filter Condition.

When managing Drawers over a network of computers, each Drawer setting includes a Machine Number, a Drawer Number, and usually a Till Number (as well as settings for controlling a physical cash drawer). A Machine may have several Drawers assigned to it and all the Drawers that are connected to a particular Register should be assigned the same Machine Number.

Access to specific Drawers is controlled by Till Numbers. There are three options for the Drawer Number setting:

Drawer Number 0 - Any Clerk may log in. The Drawer's Register Number does not change. Drawer Number 0 may be used for transactions that should not be credited to the Clerk's assigned Till Number. Sales rung up on Drawer 0 are included in the system's default Register Closeout (Register#1).

Drawer Number 9999 - All Clerks (except those with a negative till number) may log in. The Drawer's Register Number is reset to the Clerk's assigned Till Number. Sales rung up on Drawer 9999 are credited to the Clerk's assigned Till Number.

Drawer Number X - (where X is any number other than 0 or 9999). Only Clerks who have been assigned a matching Till Number may log in.

To assign a Drawer Number to a Drawer:

- Select Cash Drawer from the Configuration Manager - Hardware menu.
- Select a Drawer from the list of available drawers or select Add New Drawer to create a new Drawer setting.
- On the Cash Drawer setup screen, enter the Drawer Number, the Machine Number, the Till Number, and other settings as needed for the hardware.
- Press [F10] or select [OK] to exit and save the Drawer settings.


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