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The term Register does not define a physical cash register, computer, or workstation (The term Machine is used instead). Earlier versions of Keystroke used the Register Number for some functions now taken over by the Machine and Till numbers. The MNUM=RNUM Startup Switch (defines the workstation's Machine Number) should be used in conjunction with the /R Startup Switch (defines the Register Number).

Register Number is still tracked and used to a limited degree. When logging in, the Register Number is reset to the Till Number (Unless loggin in with Till 0, or onto Drawer 0). Sales rung up on Till 0 and Drawer 0 are credited to the default Register. When entering the Closeout Module, Register Number must be entered/confirmed. Till Number may be entered in the Register Number field to Closeout a Clerk's Till. To Closeout the system's default Register, enter 1. To complete a combined Closeout of all Tills and Registers, enter 0.

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