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Use the Database Manager Module to Add, Edit, or Delete database records. Information stored in the databases includes:

Inventory - Access the Inventory Database to manage the items and services sold.

Customer - Access the Customer Database to manage the Customers (and Contacts) to which Inventory is sold.

Vendor - Access the Vendor Database to manage the Vendors from which Inventory is purchased.

Clerk - Access the Clerk Database to manage the Clerks and Salespeople who use the Keystroke system.

Department - Access the Department Database to manage the Inventory Department groupings.

Category - Access the Category Database to manage the Inventory Category groupings.

Location - Access the Location Database to manage the Inventory Location groupings.

Matrix - Access the Matrix Database to manage Inventory Matrix Items.

Vendor Catalogs - Access the Vendor Catalogs Database to manage Vendor Catalogs (Advanced POS Only).


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