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Purchase Manager - Receive Open Orders

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The Receive Open Orders function provides the ability to receive orders on an item-by-item basis, from more than one Vendor or Open Purchase Order.

- To access the Receive Open Orders function, select Receive Open Orders from the Special menu to display the Receiving screen.

- Select the item to be received by entering its Stock Number, Description, Product Code, Class, Manufacturer, AltID#, or Vendor Part Number.

- If the item is located on more than one Purchase Order, the Which One? List is displayed from which the correct Purchase Order may be selected.

- An item may also be selected by pressing the [Ins] key to display the Open Orders Lookup List.

- When the item to be received has been entered, the item and Purchase Order information are displayed on the Receiving screen.

- Edit the Qty to receive and/or Cost information, if necessary.

- Select Next to store the received item entry and clear the Receiving screen to enter another item.

- Select Save to process the stored received item entries. Keystroke automatically updates the affected Purchase Orders and creates the required Purchase Invoices.

- Select Cancel to exit the Receiving screen without saving any changes.

- Select Load to display the Purchase Order for the currently selected item. Any of the items on the Purchase Order may now be received or edited. When the Load option is selected, only items on the displayed Purchase Order may be received. To receive items from multiple orders, use next Next and Save instead of Load.

- The # of Items display at the bottom of the Receiving screen indicates the number of items currently stored and ready to be saved. See Next and Save.


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