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Database Manager - Inventory Database - Main Screen - Selling Prices

There are several ways to price items, including seven price fields:

Base Price - The default retail selling price.

List Price - The Manufacturer's recommended retail price.

Price Levels 1,2,3 - Alternate prices available for sales and price tables.

Sale Price - The selling price when On Sale is enabled.

Web Price - Used with the Web Item flag to export a price for shopping carts.

Base Price is the default selling price unless an item is marked On Sale in which case Base Price is replaced with Sale Price.

Other selling prices may be selected from a Look up List or Price Tables may be used to automatically calculate the selling price.

Selling prices may be set from the Inventory database record using:

Percent Profit

Search & Update Price

Search & Replace

Inventory Database Default Settings

And the following Update Parameters in Purchase Manager:

Update Base Price to New Price

Calculate New Price

Price Table

Some of these functions use Price Tables, which can automatically adjust prices as costs change, adjust prices depending on the Customer and the amount being sold, round prices to match a price pattern, and set promotional pricing for preset beginning and ending dates.

Note: When adding new Inventory records, the Inventory Database Default Settings control the calculations for the prices that are automatically displayed in each price field. These calculations may be changed as needed, or the automatically displayed prices may simply be changed manually.


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