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Purchase Manager - Parameters - Update - Update Base Price to New Price

The Update Base Price to New Price Update Parameter settings are used to define how Keystroke automatically updates Inventory item Base Price (based on Price Table formulas) when the items are received.

The use of Price Tables formulas to update items' Base Prices provides the control required to update some items while not updating other items and to update items by different amounts. The formulas may even be configured to round the Base Price to end in a specific amount (i.e. $X.99, $X.98, $X.95).

When enabled, each item's Base Price is updated based on the Price Table selected in the Update Base Price to New Price, Price Table parameter setting.

When disabled, Base Prices are not updated.

Note: To update other price fields (i.e. List, Sale, Web, Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3), use the Search & Update Price function in Database Manager. Use the Minimum Mark Up % setting on the Price Table configuration screen to prevent the new selling price from being set too low.

For example:

- An item was previously ordered at $.50 Cost and the Base Price was updated to $1.00 (100% markup).
- The item is then ordered at a discounted Cost of $.25.
- By setting the Price Table Minimum Mark Up % to 0% from Base Price, the Base Price is not updated to $.50 and is left at $1.00.

To set this parameter:
- Select Parameters from the Purchase Manager Transaction Menu.
- Select Update.
- Select Update Base Price to New Price on the Update Parameters screen.
- Use the mouse or the [Space Bar] to turn the parameter ON or OFF.
- Select [OK] or press [F10] to save.


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