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The Convert When - Items Shipped Save Parameter defines the Transaction Type as one that is converted automatically when items are shipped. A new transaction of the type defined by the Convert To parameter setting is created when ordered items ship. When Convert When - Items Shipped is selected, the Convert To parameter option is displayed and is used to choose the Transaction Type to which to convert.

The new transaction has the same Transaction Number (plus a letter) as the original Transaction, followed by a letter, to show the order in which they were created (and the items and quantities were shipped): 8029A, 8029B, 8029C, etc.

The new transaction does not include items or quantities ordered but not yet shipped, or already shipped.

The original transaction retains its original transaction number, followed by a letter corresponding to the most recent transaction created from it, representing items and quantities ordered, but not shipped.

These transactions may be affected by some of the other Save Parameters, including those which become available when Items Shipped is enabled:

Convert To
Copy Shipped Items to New Sale
Print New Invoice
Delete Filled Line Items
Delete Completed Transaction

To set automatic conversion to Items Shipped:

- Select Transaction Type from the Configuration Manager Settings menu.
- Select the Transaction Type from the pop-up list.
- Select Save Parameters on the Transaction Type setup screen.
- On the Save Parameters screen, select the Convert When button.
- Select the Items Shipped option from the list.
- Press [Enter] or [F10].


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