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Closeout - Overview

The Closeout function is used to reconcile the contents of cash drawers at the end of a shift or day.

When Closeout is accessed, the Date/Time Range screen is displayed for the Clerk to confirm the Register Number and Date/Time Range to use for the Closeout Period.

The Closeout Period represents the period of time from the end of the previous Closeout to the current date and time. After the Closeout function's first usage, the Date/Time Range defaults to the correct settings which may be adjusted if necessary.

After the Date/Time Range has been confirmed, the Closeout Main Screen is displayed:

- The Payment Type Column displays the name of each Sales Payment Type.
- The Drawer Column displays the Starting Drawer Amounts.
- The Payments Column displays the Sales Payment amounts from the Closeout Period only (does not include the Starting Drawer amounts).
- The Total Column displays the sum of Sales Payment amounts from the Closeout Period and the Starting Drawer amounts.
- The Count Column is the field into which the Clerk enters the counted amounts from the cash drawer for each Sales Payment Type.
- The Over/Short Column displays the difference between the the Total column and the Count column.

Enter each Sales Payments' counted total from the cash drawer in the Count column. Press [Ins] to display Count Calculators to assist with the Count entry. Closeout Count Calculators are defined in Configuration Manager in the Tables, menu using the Sales Payment Types Closeout Settings Calculator button.

The Column Totals section located in the lower portion of the Closeout Main Screen displays the totals and grand totals for each column.

After all Counts are entered and all Over/Short amounts have been reconciled, press [F10] or [Enter] or select Deposit from the Closeout Menu to proceed to the Closeout Deposit Screen. Enter the Deposit amount for each payment type in the Deposit Column. Sales Payment Type Deposit Amount defaults are defined by the Closeout Settings Deposit setting located on the Configuration Manager, Tables, Sales Payments Types menu.

The Column Totals section located in the lower portion of the Closeout Deposit screen displays the totals and grand totals for each column.

Comments may be added and edited from either the Closeout Main Screen or the Deposit Screen. The Closeout Transaction Comments are available to be printed on Closeout Reports from Report Manager.

Press [F10] or [Enter] after all Deposit amounts are entered to display the Closeout Print Buttons. Select the Print Closeout button to print the Closeout Reports.

Select the Select Save and Exit button to update the drawer amounts and leave the Closeout Sub-Module.

Note: The Closeout Sub-Module has its own set of Parameters located in the Closeout Parameters Menu.


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